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Dental Implants in Birmingham

Missing teeth not only affect your confidence but also affect your ability to chew and enjoy food. Natural teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons such as tooth decay, injury or gum disease.

A dental implant is designed to replace missing teeth by placing a titanium post carefully into the jaw to mimic the function of the tooth root. A crown is then fitted to the titanium post. Multiple teeth can be replaced by placing several implants and attaching a bridge or denture.  All options give the appearance of natural teeth and help to restore chewing function.

Implant Placement

The first phase of your treatment will be implant placement. Our implant surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic and implant a titanium post into the jaw bone in the location of the missing tooth.

This procedure is quick, lasting between one and two hours and relatively painless due to the local anaesthetic. You may experience a small amount of discomfort following the placement of the implant but this will subside and healing will occur relatively quickly.

Implant Integration

Integration occurs when the implant has integrated with the bone. This is usually expected to occur within 8-12 weeks.  In a very small amount of cases, this integration may take up to a year.

Once the implant has integrated with the bone, it will provide a strong and stable platform for the new crown or bridge.

Restoring the implant

Once your implant integrates with the bone, we are then able to restore the implant.

After taking molds of the position of the implants, the final ‘teeth’ can be individually designed, made and cemented or screwed into the implant. Once in place, they will look, feel and function as a natural tooth.

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Orthodontic and Cosmetic dental treatment can be an excellent investment in the overall dental and psychological well being of an individual. We believe financial considerations should not be an obstacle and offer flexible payment terms through our finance partner.


Single or multiple implants

A single dental implant is used if you have a single missing tooth. Dental implants have become first choice for many patients who have a missing tooth at the front of their mouth. The dental implant crown should function and feel just like your own tooth.

Multiple implants are used if you have more than one tooth missing. This can lead to a large gap in your mouth resulting in difficulty eating, speaking and affecting the appearance of your smile. Multiple dental implants can be placed to restore the gap. This can be as a combination of single implants and cosmetic crowns or a cosmetic bridge connecting implants together. The number of dental implants required depends on a number of factors and a consultation is advisable in order to determine this.

At Sherwood Dental Practice, we use a range of implant systems, each with a proven track record in the implantology field.

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